ICMR to get 10 lakh RT-PCR testing kits
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The ICMR said on Monday that it is procuring 10 lakh Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) kits used for COVID-19 diagnosis and seven depots have been established for uninterrupted supply of reagents across the nation for efficient distribution to government testing laboratories.

ICMR’s Head of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases R. Gangakhedkar said the existing 136 government laboratories and 56 private laboratories have a testing capacity of 18,000 tests per day. If the labs start working in two shifts, testing capacity will go up to 25,000 but more important is to choose who you are testing. In addition, two high throughput machines, Cobass-6800, have been made functional which can test 1400 samples at a time.

Giving details of how ICMR is preparing for worst-case scenario it notes that interventions are being actively considered to scale-up testing capacity to one lakh tests/day in upcoming months.

ICMR has validated and recommended Truenat beta CoV test on Truelab workstation as a screening test. All positives through this platform will need to be reconfirmed by confirmatory assays for SARS-CoV-2. All negatives may not be processed further. Currently, there are nearly 300 TruelabTM workstations already deployed in the country and it will be utilized for the testing,

ICMR is now considering scaling-up interventions such as moving to 24x7 working model at existing labs, coordinating with states to increase manpower for various functions including data-entry, re-deploying automated and manual RT-PCR machines already in the country to aid COVID-19 testing effort, and optimising in-lab processes such as RNA extraction to reduce turnaround time between sample receipt and testing,

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/icmr-to-get-10-lakh-testing-kits/article31273367.ece?
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Dr. N●●●●●j C●●●●●●a
Dr. N●●●●●j C●●●●●●a Internal Medicine
RT pcr test is for research purpose It is not a diagnostic test What about false positive results Kindly enlighten on this
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False negative are those who have the disease but due to the technical glitch , the test shows negative . False positive are those who don' t have the disease but in them the test shows positive... i.e. it is the error of the test by which a healthy person is shown to be as diseased....it all has to do with the sensitivity and specificity of the test being performed
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