IMA Issued Red Alert for Medics on Covid-19 Duty
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Indian Medical Association has declared RED ALERT to doctors and Medical administrators to raise their guard during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The IMA noted that during the initial stages of the pandemic, doctors were exposed to the virus while not having access to personal protection equipment, gloves, face shields and other secondary protective gears.

Analysis of data shows that while Senior doctors and Young doctors are equally infected with Covid the mortality is higher with elders.

IMA national president, Dr Rajan Sharma advised if COVID mortality has to be lessened it has to start with doctors and hospitals.

~ Friendly and scientific batch posting needs to be implemented.
~ Working hours should be tempered by concerns of safety.
~ Providing for PPEs , triaging, physical distancing and sanitisers should be monitored on daily basis.
~ ICUs and Critical Care units deserve close scrutiny for adherence to best practices and protocols.
~ Intense review and updating of all administrative setups in the hospitals including the infection control protocols.
~ Any gap in providing for the safety of doctors, nurses and staff have to be closed.
~ A feedback system from the doctors, employees and public needs to be in place.
~ Cleaning and sanitising protocols should be meticulously adhered to.

Recovery is the norm; Death is an exception: even for doctors

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Pl contemplate on this : fumigating infected persons' homes, and taking care to disinfect their clothes & articles.
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