IMA urges Home Minister to take urgent action seeing the inc
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IMA strongly condemns violence against doctors and urges Hon'ble Home Minister in a letter to take urgent action to invoke provision under the amended Epidemic Diseases Act.

"Government of India was sensitive to and accepted the demand of the Indian Medical Association regarding violence on doctors and hospitals to proclaim an ordinance to amend the Epidemic Diseases Act. This law applies pan India and came into force immediately."

"Unfortunately, the awareness about this important ordinance has not percolated to authorities at the district level. Partially due to the legal illiteracy and partially due to other preoccupations such violence is soft-pedalled in many parts of the country."

"One of the most heinous attacks occurred on 29.07.2020 in Latur, Maharashtra. Dr Dinesh Varma head of Alfa Speciality Hospital was grievously stabbed in several places by the relative of a COVID 19 patient who succumbed to the disease."

"The police have charged under the relatively mild section 307 refusing to invoke the provisions of the amended Epidemic Diseases Act."

"Such a response from authorities is a matter of great concern. It is pertinent to point out that the above hospital is a Covid 19 facility and whatever the authorities do or not do directly affects the morale of the doctors in the institution concerned and elsewhere. Such information travels all across the country creating undesirable ripples."

"Indian Medical Association requests your good self to intervene in the index case so that the concerns of the Central Government are reflected in implementation at the district level. This will have a salutary effect all across the country and will help to restore the ambience in hospitals removing the all-pervading fear."

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