IMA’s annual agenda begins with autonomy for Medical Council
- The national Indian Medical Association (IMA) has listed the issue of protecting the autonomy of Medical Council of India (MCI) at the top of its agenda for the year.

- Other Initiatives include capping compensation, insulation against violence by way of central Act, amendments in Clinical Establishment Act (CEA) and PCPNDT Act, and a ban on non-MBBS and non-BDS doctors prescribing modern medicines

- IMA has announced 2 additional constitutional awards this year - Dr Kishor Taori Memorial Oration to be delivered by an eminent expert on July 1 every year on Doctors' Day, and IMA Dr Ketan Desai Medical Statesman of the Highest Order Award to be conferred on Doctors' Day to a person for his/her consistent contribution to the cause of medical education and health profession

- IMA has also patented a 'medical emblem' for modern medicine. All doctors will be expected to use the emblem in their letter heads and visiting cards

- IMA will also design a standard prescription format. The compulsory columns will be advice about hygiene, vaccinations, noise pollution, PM2.5/10, addictions, standard warning signals, standard lifestyle, important numbers, and drugs with generic names and in capital letters.

- IMA will also design standards and start accreditation cum certification process for GP clinic, adolescent clinic, sexual clinic, antismoking clinic and de-addiction clinic....

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