IME-9 labelled as 'Ayurvedic Diabetic cure’ seized by Drugs
Dr. Ahmed Farooq
IME-9 labelled as 'Ayurvedic Diabetic cure’ seized by Drugs Control Department
The State Drugs Controller has seized what is labelled as an Ayurvedic drug that was being sold through a telemarketing agency as ‘Insulin Management Expert’ (IME-9) as a cure for diabetes.

In a haul, officials of the State Drugs Control Department seized drugs worth over Rs.20 lakh. In Tirur, drugs worth around Rs.18 lakh were recovered from an apartment rented by one Gopal Lama from Sikkim. At Vyttila, the haul was of nearly Rs.3 lakh. Incidentally, the base stocks were kept at these places for marketing them online.

The drug that cost Rs.3,000 for a course of three bottles of tablets with 180 pills each were allegedly being advertised in the visual media as a product of a government laboratory and approved by the Ayush Department.

The seized drugs were produced before the Judicial First Class Magistrates in both places.

Meanwhile, Deputy Drugs Controller Ravi S. Menon told The Hindu that the drugs were seized under with the Drugs and Magic Remedies Objectionable Advertisements Act-1954 that disallowed advertisements of cure for chronic illnesses like diabetes.

The cartons have “Ayurvedic Drugs” printed on them and have labels like “Ayush 82 Research Product”.

The label says the drug has been made from a clinically researched formulation using a technology transferred by the National Research Development Corporation under the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Yet another label says the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences has developed a novel technology to help maintain a healthy glycemic index...

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