Identify the Condition!
Avanti  Andhale
Identify the Condition!
A 2 month old male was hospitalized with recurrent LRTI and URTI with no other Significant Complaints. On Conducting a CT Scan the boy presented with Compression of structures adjacent to the Left Lung and areas of Haemorrhage from arteriovenous Anastomosis around the Left Lung.
On doing a Left Post-Lateral Thoracotomy in the 5th Intetcostal Space the following was appreciated: A separate lobe which was not connected to the lung at the lower thoracic region was seen. It had blood supply from Lower Thoracic Aorta and No Bronchial Attachment.

Identify the Condition.
A- Atelectasia.
B- Consolidation
C- Broncho-pulmonary Sequestration
D- Bronchiectasis
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Atelectasis must have bronchial attachment consolidation within lung. Brochiactasis is rupture of alveolar area
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