Idiopathic intramural hematoma of the right colon: a case re
Intestinal hematoma is usually observed after an abdominal trauma or in patients treated with anticoagulant therapy. Conversely, idiopathic bowel hematoma is very rare, being colon involvement sporadic with few reports in the Literature.

The Authors report a case of idiopathic spontaneous large bowel hematoma. A 48-year-old man was admitted for a thoraco-abdominal pain and signs of acute abdomen and fever. After ruling out heart diseases, a CT scan revealed a marked thickening of the ascending colon wall, obstructing the bowel lumen. Leukocytosis was observed. In an emergency setting, an explorative laparotomy was performed. Hemoperitoneum and a large hematoma involving the caecum and the ascending colon were detected, together with intramesenteric and retroperitoneal blood effusion. A right hemicolectomy was accomplished. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of large bowel hematoma. Post-operative molecular diagnostic testing for coagulative disorders failed to demonstrate any genetic variation associate with hemorrhagic predisposition.

In the post-operative course, the patient experienced a left basal bronco-pneumonia with increased unilateral pleural effusion, successfully treated by a thoracic drain and antibiotic therapy.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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