If we think of yoga, the thing that comes to our mind is tha
Aravind M
If we think of yoga, the thing that comes to our mind is that it's another form of #excercise like aerobics or calisthenics for physical fitness. Probably because of the photos including me which we post about yoga.
But thinking it like that greatly prevents us from recieving what we are capable of receiving from the yogic system in it's fullest potential.

#Yogasana is just one of the 8 parts of yoga as mentioned by pathanjali in #Yogasutra. Yogasana are only those positions which are capable of uniting us with this universe. So just even a single position can unite us with this universe.

Yoga means to unite with the universe, to understand that what's the universe is me and what's me is this universe.

Physical thing is the one which we are capable of mastering soon and preparing this physical body makes it as a tool to understand this.

So if I see at the sky and try to look at the boundary of this universe at infinity, it's not yoga. But instead, if I turn in and travel inwards and seek and understand the abundance, that's yoga.

So on this yoga day, let's understand that we have #infinite potential and possibilities, we are abundant and there is no dearth of anything. Understand our existence and the purpose of our life, Ultimately we are the universe!

#richspiration #happyworldyogaday2020