If you are a MEDICO (Student, Doctor, Nurse, Paramedics, Hea
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
If you are a MEDICO (Student, Doctor, Nurse, Paramedics, Healthcare) and would like to try STAND-UP COMEDY then here is your chance to do it.

" Doctors do comedy " is a unique concept show created in partnership with Gigsy to help Medico's try out stand up comedy. This is your chance to de-stress, take your stories of burnout or bad incidences and channelize them into humour. Or try out jokes of any other genre as well, it's your opportunity to try. Don't miss this. Here is how you can participate

1. Register at the link below
2. Watch the tutorial videos that will help you get started with writing and performing standup comedy
3. Attend the day long workshop to refine your set and performance (3-5 minutes)
4. Perform to a live audience and get a recorded footage of the performance

Registrations available at https://gigsy.in/jagdishchatur

Bengaluru- 24th August, Atta Galata

Hyderabad- 15th September, Osmania Medical College

Mumbai- 21st September, The Habitat

Pune and Delhi in the pipeline.
Share with your medico friends.

Note - Established Doctor comedians interested to perform can get in touch with me directly.

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What' s about ahemedabad
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Will try to organize there as well
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You' re good Stand up comedian Sir!! Please take charge of the centre Stage !!
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