Illegal 'PG degrees' plague emergency medicine
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Dr. Bharat Mehta
Illegal 'PG degrees' plague emergency medicine
Masters in Emergency medicine (MEM), a course popular among MBBS students, has been notified by MCI as illegal.

The two main MEM programmes offered include one by the Society of Emergency Medicine of India (SEMI), and the other by various corporate hospitals in conjunction with George Washington University (GWU) in the US.

Currently, about 86 SEMI centres churn out about 350 MEMs each year and 8 GWU-MEM centres churn out about 74 doctors.

The MCI does not allow parallel courses in colleges with MD (PG course) seats to prevent students' training from getting diluted. However, many hospitals and medical colleges running DNB courses are also running MEM courses.

The MCI also has a strict criteria regarding how large a patient load an emergency department needs to start PG specialisation in the discipline. But still, there are many colleges and hospitals where this rule is flouted.

What does this say about the efficiency of our education system, especially medical education?
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Dr. P●●●●●i S●●●●●●●a
Dr. P●●●●●i S●●●●●●●a Family Medicine
Private med. colleges, many mentain casualties just for name sake majority emergency cases coming to them r referred back to govt med college I did not find any difference both will kill d pts, one fears another is bold so MCI should concentrate seriously before giving recognition it is unfortunate that.teaching institute is not having basic equipments n concerned personnel anybody can imazine d health status of our country!? succession instead of opening more medical colleges equip properly d existing med colleges n adjust d budget bring quality docs out n lmprove health of d nation... Read more
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Dr. R●●●t S●●●h
Dr. R●●●t S●●●h General Medicine
What about diploma in emergency medicine offered by prestigious hospital ,in India
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Dr. P●●●●●n K●●●r
Dr. P●●●●●n K●●●r Emergency Medicine
I dont undstand y people are so blabbering about this news..see the other side of the coin..people say illegal degrees but most of the doctors who are doing these degrees are being trained or have attained these degrees from hospitals which also run dnb wm programs..which means mind you which means..there is no any difference in their training or skill..when physician and surgeons do some fellowahips and keep peacticing as diabetologist,knee replacement specialist,criticalcare specialist why cant a person who is trained in er for 2-3yrs cant be called an Emergency Physician...... Read more
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