Imatinib-related hyperpigmentation of oral mucosa: case repo
In May of 2016, a 78-year-old man was referred to the dental clinic of Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona, Italy, by his general dental practitioner for evaluation of a painless OMH in the hard palate.

His medical history was significant for CML, diagnosed 4 years before. The patient has been treated with Imatinib (Gleevec®, Novartis, Switzerland) 400 mg daily for 4 years. No other drugs were reported in the past 2 years. He was a non-smoker and occasionally consume alcohol. The lesion had initially been observed by his dentist 10 months before.

Oral examination showed a diffuse symmetrical bluish pigmentation of the hard palate, with several inflamed minor salivary glands in the same area. Mucosal appearance, except for the color, was unchanged, and no other areas of hyperpigmentation on the oral mucosa, skin, or fingernails were found. Based on recent blood tests and medical history, no specific cause for OMH was found. For this reason, an incisional biopsy was performed. Histological examination showed accumulation of 2–4 μm brown, spherical bodies, located within the cells of the lamina propria. There was no melanocytic hyperplasia or melanosis of the basal cells in the epithelium.

Source: Journal of Dental Sciences

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