Immediate Implant Placement: A Case Report
This case report, published in The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society describes extraction of a fractured left maxillary lateral incisor tooth, followed by immediate placement of a dental implant in the prepared socket and temporization by a bonded restoration.

The tooth was atraumatically extracted, the socket was prepared to the required depth and a Biohorizon Implant was inserted followed a week later by temporization by a bonded restoration. An impression was made 4 months after implant insertion, and a definitive restoration was placed.

The atraumatic operating technique and the immediate insertion of the Implant resulted in the preservation of the hard and soft tissues at the extraction site. The patient exhibited no clinical or radiologic complications through 5 years of clinical monitoring.

The dental implant and provisional restoration provided the patient with immediate esthetics, function, comfort, and most importantly preservation of tissues.

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