Immediate Oral Refeeding in patients with mild and moderate
Oral diet is essential in mild and moderate acute pancreatitis (AP). The greatest benefits are obtained if refeeding starts early.

The aim was to establish the optimal time to start oral refeeding in mild and moderate acute pancreatitis (AP) to reduce hospital length-of-stay (LOS) and complications.

This multicenter, randomized, controlled trial included patients with a diagnosis of mild or moderate AP. Patients were randomized into 2 treatment groups: immediate oral refeeding (IORF) and conventional oral refeeding (CORF). The IORF group was compared to the CORF group in terms of LOS (primary endpoint), pain relapse, diet intolerance, complications, and, hospital costs. One hundred and thirty-one patients were included for randomization.

- The mean LOS for the IORF and CORF groups was 3.4 and 8.8 days, respectively.

- In the CORF group alone, the pain relapse rate was 16%.

- There were fewer complications and health costs were twice as low, with a savings of 1325.7€/patient in the IORF than CORF group.

In particular, IORF is safe and feasible in mild and moderate AP, resulting in significantly shorter LOS and cost savings, without causing adverse effects or complications.

Annals of Surgery