Important Antidotes List : Antidotes For Non-specific pois
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Important Antidotes List :

Antidotes For

Non-specific poisons except cyanide, iron, lithium, caustics and alcohol = Activated charcoal

Cobra bite = Snake Anti-Venin.

Heparin = Protamine Sulfate

GAS=Use artificial respiration,Remove patient to air, apply heat to extremities; send for doctor.

ABSINTHE = Give an active emetic; then flaxseed tea freely; stimulate
Insulin reacti (Dextrose 50%)

ALKALI, VOLATILE = Drink freely of water with vinegar or lemon juice in it.

ANTIMONIAL WINE = Give warm water freely to encourage vomiting.

AQUA FORTIS = Magnesia or soap dissolved in water, every two minutes.
BED BUG POIS milk or white of eggs in large quantities.
BELLAD emetic; stimulate.

Acetaminophen/Paracetamol  = N-Acetylcysteine or Mucomyst

Anticholinergics, diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate =Physostigmine

Calcium Channel Blockers = Calcium Chloride, Glucagon

Cyanide = Amyl nitrite, sodium nitrite, sodium thiosulfate

Iron  = Deferoxamine

For Chemicals causing methemoglobinemia in patients with G6PD deficiency = Vitamin C
For Lead = EDTA, dimercaprol, succimer

Methanol = Folic acid
AMM juice, diluted vinegar or acetic acid.

Methotrexate = Leucovorin calcium

Potassium = Insulin + Glucose, Kayexalate

MERCURY = White of eggs freely; afterwards evacuate; mild drinks

Valproic acid  = L-Carnitine

Isoniazid, ethylene glycol = Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6)

Tricyclic antidepressants = phyostigmine or NaHCO3
Sulf (Sandostatin )

Alpha  agonists (e.g., clonidine), Opioids (e.g., codeine, diphenoxylate, fentanyl, heroin, meperidine, morphine and propoxyphene = Naloxone

Arsenic,  Copper,  Lead,  Mercury = D-Penicillamine (Cuprimine )

Neuromuscular blockade = anticholinesterase agents.

Anticholinesterase = atropine sulfate or pralidoxime.
Fluoride ingesti

Digoxin = digibind digoxine immune fab

Beta blockers and calciumchannel blockers = glucagon

Ergotamine = Heparin

Dopamine = Phentolamine.

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