In 46 Yrs, This Padmashri doctor has treated 2 million patie
Dr Bhogaraju Ramana Rao is an Indian physician and cardiologist from Bangalore. He was born in Hyderabad. Since 1973, Dr Rao has been treating up to 1200 underprivileged patients at his village clinic every Sunday. And that’s not all, he has also built 700+ toilets and planted 35000 trees! 

Besides basic treatment, Dr Rao’s clinic offers free blood pressure and blood sugar check-up, basic blood tests, Electrocardiography (ECG), nebulization etc. He has the support of a dedicated team of 35 comprising nurses, compounders, lab technicians and assistants.

“Once a month, doctors from Rotary Eye Hospital conduct an eye camp at my clinic, where they offer free cataract surgeries, besides basic check-up and optical tests,” he says. Besides, the clinic also has a dedicated dental unit with ten experienced dentists and dental surgeons.

Dr Rao’s unparalleled initiative officially started on August 15, 1973, a day after he graduated with the MBBS degree. His sole aim for becoming a doctor was to serve the underprivileged. As his family owned some land in T.Begur, that is where he decided to build his clinic. Throughout the week, Dr Rao would practise as a leading medico in top Banglore hospitals, and on Sunday mornings, he would head out towards T.Begur, spending a substantial portion of his income on buying medicines for the helpless villagers.

Slowly, his activities at the clinic proliferated beyond simple treatment and medicine distribution. Disturbed by the sight of people waiting for hours in the rain and sun, he built a shed that stretches for more than a kilometre from his clinic.

Little known to many, Dr Rao happens to be the personal physician of a long list of illustrious dignitaries including all the chief ministers of Karnataka in the last four decades. He was also the family physician of the actor Rajkumar as well as the royal family of Karnataka. Presently, Dr Rao is associated with almost all the major hospitals of Banglore as a consultant doctor of cardiology and internal medicine.

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