In a first: Police case for hiding TB info
To make an example of doctors who fail to notify tuberculosis cases to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), the corporation has filed a police complaint against a doctor couple who have a clinic in Vejalpur.

This is the first such complaint in the state against any doctor for suppressing information about tuberculosis. According to government statistics for 2018, Gujarat was among the top five states in reporting tuberculosis after Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

According to medical health officer Bhavin Solanki, the AMC had in April 2018 directed all doctors to inform it about tuberculosis cases. Solanki said 100 doctors were issued such notices.

However, it was observed that private doctors were not reporting all tuberculosis cases. The AMC found during an investigation that a patient from Srinand Nagar was undergoing treatment at Akshar Hospital in Vejalpur.

The AMC had issued a notice to the doctor couple of the hospital on April 21. However, despite getting the notice, the couple did not inform the AMC about the Srinand Nagar case.

Sources in the corporation said that on an average 11,500 tuberculosis cases are reported every year from government hospitals, while the figure for private hospitals is only 3,500. Officials said that the figure was an indication that private hospitals were not informing the AMC about the disease.

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