Incidence & Causes of Intraoperative choroidal detachment du
A Study was conducted to investigate the incidence and causes of intraoperative choroidal detachment (CD) during small-gauge vitrectomy, as well as the anatomic and visual outcomes.

The health records of 1026 consecutive patients undergoing small-grade vitrectomy were evaluated retrospectively by the researchers. Data were collected on the intraoperative CD presence, site and scope and its association with the infusion cannula. Patient demographic features and anatomic and visual results post-operatively have also been evaluated.

--A total of six cases were found to have intraoperative CD, including two with serous CD, 3 with limited haemorrhagic CD, and 1 with CD caused by inadvertent perfusion of gas during air/fluid exchange.

--Retraction of the infusion cannula and acute ocular hypotony were found to be the main causes of intraoperative CD in 5/6 six cases. The best-corrected visual acuity of all cases significantly improved after the surgery.

In the event of small-guage vitrectomy intraoperating CDs are minimal; retractability of the intra-operative cannula and acute eye hypotonia are main reasons. Immediate awareness and prompt closure can help improve the surgical forecast.