Incidental finding of a giant paraovarian cyst in a teenager
Paraovarian cysts (PCs) are cystic tumors that can be encountered between the ovarian hilum and the ovarian fimbria located within the mesosalpinx and broad ligament, being usually diagnosed within the 3rd and 4th decade of life.

Published in the journal Medicine, the authors report the case of a 15-year-old female admitted in for consciousness loss, who was incidentally diagnosed with a giant pelvic cystic at ultrasound. The MRI showed a cystic mass of 170/140/85 mm, suggesting an origin from the left ovary, reaching the subhepatic area.

The surgical intervention revealed 3 PCs, a giant one and 2 smaller ones within the large ligament. The cysts were removed by laparoscopic approach, and the histologic examination did not reveal any signs of neoplasia.

Major takeaways:-
-In addition to their rarity, giant PCs can be an incidental diagnosis in patients presenting unrelated symptoms resulting in increased difficulties related to the diagnosis.

-Moreover, the imagistic tools might not establish precisely the origin of these cysts, and therefore, the final diagnosis and treatment approach could be determined sometimes only during the surgical intervention.

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