Incidental laryngeal web: Look before you leap
A 65-year-old male, American Society of Anesthesiology Grade II, weighing 70 kg was posted for DL-guided biopsy for suspected growth on the right vocal cord under general anesthesia. Except hoarseness for the last 2 months, he had no history of breathlessness, difficulty in swallowing, or chronic medical illness. He had undergone DL-guided biopsy under local anesthesia (LA) 1 month back which was reported as nonspecific chronic laryngitis. Airway assessment revealed mallampati grading II and normal neck movements. Indirect laryngoscopic findings revealed thickening of the right vocal cord with adequate chink. In the operation room, standard anesthesia monitors were attached and an intravenous (IV) line was secured. Anesthesia induction was done with fentanyl 100 ?g IV and propofol 100 mg IV...;year=2016;volume=17;issue=2;spage=68;epage=69;aulast=Kamal