Incomplete Vascular Ring: Left Aortic Arch With Aberrant Rig
Vascular rings are rare congenital malformations due to developmental failure of the embryological aortic arches. Diagnosis usually occurs in the first year of life.i Although most commonly presenting with stridor, associated symptoms include recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, cough and dysphagia. Five types are described in literature: double arch, right arch with left ligamentum, left arch with aberrant right subclavian, pulmonary sling and innominate compression. The most common is left arch with an aberrant right subclavian, with an incidence of 1-2%.iii They are associated with a number of other anomalies, with 29% also having cardiac anomalies, as well as associations with various congential syndromes.

Case presentation
We present the case an incidentally found incomplete vascular ring in a 54-year-old male admitted for elective surgical revascularisation. This patient had never previously described any symptoms of dyspnoea, stridor nor dysphagia. His operation was complicated by sternal dehiscence, which precipitated new onset dyspnoea and tachycardia. This was investigated with computed tomographical pulmonary angiogram....