Increase number of labs, start forensic study in MBBS: NHRC
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At a webinar hosted by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on the subject of forensic science, labs and the challenges involved, panellists made a slew of suggestions on the subject.

The participants broadly underlined that the country "lacks an adequate number of forensic laboratories and manpower to handle" such facilities, and offered several important suggestions to address the issue, a senior official of the rights panel said.

"Increasing the number of forensic labs in proportion to the number of cases to examine to avoid delay in administering justice; introducing forensic study and training in MBBS course; creating the post of a district medico-legal expert, was among the key suggestions made by them," the official said.

Other suggestions were filling up all vacant posts in forensic science laboratories, providing them with sufficient infrastructure and funds; bringing in uniformity under an SOP for conducting a forensic examination, he added.

They also suggested introducing forensic law studies as a separate course curriculum in integrated BSc (Forensic) LLB; and bringing greater professionalism in the photography and videography during the process of post-mortem, the NHRC official said.

"Given the huge participation in the programme, we had asked some of the representatives to send their suggestions later also. We will wait till this weekend perhaps and then collate all the suggestions and soon send it to the government of India, and even do a follow-up on it," the official said.

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It would be better if it happen in India Bcz India lack every thing
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