India To Use Election Machinery To Deliver COVID vaccines: G
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India will deploy its vast election machinery to deliver 600 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the most vulnerable people in the next six to eight months through conventional cold chain systems with temperatures between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius (36 to 48°F).

Last month, Indian pharmaceutical player Hetero inked a deal with Russia's RDIF to manufacture over 100 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine per year in India.The government expects the first approvals very soon from the independent drug regulator for emergency use.

At present, Indian regulators are considering three vaccines for emergency use authorisation, including those from Pfizer Inc , AstraZeneca and Bharat Biotech. But, Pfizer's limited stockpiles and its extreme storage condition requirements at minus 70 degrees Celsius or below, would likely limit its use in India, which lacks such infrastructure.

As of now, it is a norm or standard operating procedure that any vaccine marketed in India should have human study results from the Indian subjects. India has the world's second highest caseload of coronavirus. The government had prepared a plan to administer vaccines to 300 million people or 600 million doses at two jabs each in the first part of the programme, said Paul.

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Thanks to government of India for trial of effort put in with the help of government machiney jointly with election agency of Government India, I wish all the best for them. Brave ,Bravo Hip Hhip hurry.
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