Indian engineer develops rapidly producible Covid-19 ventila
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An Indian engineer of Citadel claims to have developed rapidly producible, cost-effective ventilators that were tested successfully by healthcare professionals on the COVID patients.

• Prototype ventilators using precision air pumps for both high-end and low-end variants.

• Produced using indigenous components without depending on advanced imported sensors and regulators.

• Meets all the specifications fixed by the UK and Canadian governments as well as those of the Indian government’s empowered committee.

• After completing the functional testing, Citadel has tested its ventilators on an imported Ventilator Testing Calibration Validation and Certification machine in the absence of any certification agency for the healthcare equipment.

• The company is also sharing results live with an international team of peer reviewers, medical professionals and engineers apart from the Indian government empowered committee.

• Capable of producing 200-300 units a month of these patent-pending precision air pump ventilators at costs ranging from Rs 40,000-Rs 1.2 lakh a unit for low to high-end variants, as compared with Rs 5-20 lakh a unit for similar range being produced by the global ICU ventilator manufacturers.

Now the reliability, repeatability and robustness tests have started to run the ventilators continuously for two weeks nonstop without failing, hoping to commence commercial-scale manufacturing in a couple of weeks to roll out the product into the market in 3-4 weeks.


Image source: Shutterstock
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