Indian scientists work on advanced wheelchairs
A wheelchair controlled with a flick of a finger on a touchscreen, or one that reads minds, Indian engineers have been working on developing advanced prototypes that could rival the technology seen in Marvel movies.

-> Mind-controlled movement
Head, Robotics & Research A-SET Training and Research Institutes, New Delhi, Diwakar Vaish has created a wheelchair that works on brain signals. Reportedly the first-of-its-kind, it has been designed specifically for patients suffering from paralysis. “You can control the wheelchair with your thoughts. It’s the first time something of this sort is ready to be produced commercially,” Vaish said.

-> Gesture-controlled wheels
Engineers at the Humanitarian Technology (HuT) Labs of Amrita University, Kerala, have developed a wheelchair they call Mudra, that can be operated with fingertips or swipe gestures on a touchscreen. It has been designed keeping in mind patients with spinal cord injuries, stroke patients, elders and physically-challenged. The chair can also be operated via a bluetooth device by a caregiver....