India’s RT-PCR Kits Can Catch Infectious Variant: Experts
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Experts from the Indian Council of Medical Research have said that RT-PCR test devices currently being used in the country are fully capable of catching the more infectious coronavirus strain that has emerged in the UK.

They were reacting to concerns the mutated strain could evade detection by one type of RT-PCR Covid-19 test. The ICMR’s lead epidemiologist Dr Samiran Panda said the new mutations cannot slip through the country’s testing net. The kits that have been approved in India use the three-gene test for the E, RdRp and the N genes. So there is nothing to worry.

He said with mutations in the S protein in the new variant, RT-PCR tests that look only for the S gene for confirmation can fail. State Covid-19 task force member Dr Shashank Joshi said while mutations are unlikely to thwart RT-PCR tests, India should increase Covid-19 surveillance.

He added, We should carry out genomic surveillance to pick up India-specific strains that may have changes. But, for now, the new coronavirus strain does not impact RT-PCR testing strategy or the vaccine programme.

Dr Avinash Phadke, president of the Mumbai-based SRL diagnostics, said all RT-PCR kits should target at least three genes: like the E, N and ORF genes. The RT-PCR kits that target only the S gene may trigger false negatives with new variant. This needs to be checked, he added.

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