India's tallest man undergoes successful rare hip surgery in
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India's tallest man, Dharmendra Pratap Singh recently underwent a hip replacement surgery. Hailing from Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh, Singh is 8 feet and 1 inch tall and was in pain since the past six years following a road accident. His extra-ordinary height slowly became a reason for his physical ailments, so much that he needed to get to a hospital to stand on his own feet.

Singh arrived for his bilateral hip replacement surgery at KD Hospital in Ahmedabad. Nearly after a month of intensive physiotherapy, Singh is now able to walk with minimal support.

Hip replacement surgeries are a common phenomenon at hospitals. However, this case was one extra-ordinary as it involved a lot of complications due to Singh's height.

According to the doctors at the KD Hospital, making arrangements for hip implant surgery of the tallest man was a challenge for them.

Since the past few months, Singh had been struggling under immense body pain due to his height. He even had problems standing up from the bed without support.

Singh, who was treated free of cost at Ahmedabad's KD Hospital, is now recovering from his ailment. He stands with minimal support now and does not feel pain while walking.

Before his accident, Singh was employed with an event management sector. However, he was left unemployed after the accident created an impact on his routine life.

Speaking on his treatment, Singh said, “I could not afford the surgery but the hospital has not charged me anything for the procedure and I could not be more grateful."

“The pain in my hips is almost gone and I will focus on recovering first," he added.

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