India’s weekly Covid cases drop to 5-month low, daily tally
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India recorded its lowest tally of weekly Covid-19 cases in five months since mid-March, with less than 2.6 lakh infections reported in August 9-15, a drop of 6.7% from the previous week. Despite the fall, weekly cases in the country have remained between 2.5 lakh and 3 lakh for the past six weeks.

During this period, infections have spiked in some parts of the country with Kerala witnessing a major surge while the northeast has seen cases rise and fall. Minor spikes have been reported in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and more recently in Himachal Pradesh.

Also, the pandemic has been stubbornly persistent in Maharashtra, where numbers have fallen sluggishly. Besides, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha continue to report 1,000-plus daily cases. India recorded 2,55,819 fresh cases in the week ended Sunday, the lowest weekly count since 1,55,912 infections were reported in March 8-14.

That was 22 weeks ago, when the second wave of the pandemic was rising in the country. Weekly cases in the country had peaked on May 3-9, with infections swelling to over 27.4 lakh. Since the peak, the weekly count dropped below 3 lakh for the first time in July 5-11. Since then the numbers have plateaued somewhat, with the July 26-August 1 week registering a spike of 7.5%.

Meanwhile, deaths from the virus continue to gradually decline. There were 3,334 deaths recorded in the current week, a 5.8% drop from the last week’s toll of 3,540. On Sunday, close to 33,500 fresh cases were recorded, the lowest daily count in six days. The tally was 36,135 on Friday and 36,135 on Thursday. Meanwhile, 421 deaths from the virus were recorded on Sunday.