Inducing labor at 39 weeks reduces likelihood of C-sections:
Inducing labor in healthy first-time mothers in the 39th week of pregnancy results in lower rates of cesarean sections compared with waiting for labor to begin naturally at full term, according to a recently published study in NEJM

Additionally, infants born to women induced at 39 weeks did not experience more stillbirths, newborn deaths or other major health complications.

“This study is a potential game changer and will have a significant impact on the practice of obstetrics,” one of the senior authors of the study has said.

“The concern has been that inducing labor- even at 39 weeks - would increase the cesarean section rate and health problems in newborns,” he continues. "We found inductions at 39 weeks lowered, not raised, the number of deliveries by cesarean section.”

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Induction is a fastest growing obstetric procedure in the world at present. Inadvertently induction at 39 weeks is being practiced in present times due to logistic reasons or oligohydramnios, now there is a evidence for it.
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