Infective scleral abscess in an immunocompetent patient
The following case has been reported in the Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology and Research.

A 48-year-old man presented with severe pain, redness, swelling, and dimness of vision in his right eye. On slit-lamp examination, a temporal scleral nodule with overlying conjunctival defect was found. Microbiological investigations of the nodule revealed Proteus sp.

Systemic and topical antimicrobial therapy successfully healed the lesion after 2nd week of treatment with complete resolution in the 5th weeks.

Isolated infectious scleritis is very unusual pathology found in medical literature, and among the organism reported till date, Proteus sp. is the rarest to found. As per the authors, this is the first reported case of spontaneous scleral abscess due to Proteus sp.

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