Inferior shoulder dislocation after shortening osteotomy of
Published in the Journal Trauma Case Reports, the authors present a case of a post-surgical complete dislocation after excessive proximal humeral shortening osteotomy performed in a patient operated on for atrophic non-union of a proximal humeral fracture. This complication has not been previously reported.

The dislocation occurred due to extensive laxity of the soft tissue envelope, predominantly the deltoid muscle, as well as rotator cuff tear.

The reconstructive procedurę consisted of vertical duplication of the capsule, reinforcement of the repair with coracoacromial ligament, tenodesis of the long head of the biceps tendon to the conjoined tendon and distal transfer of the deltoid muscle.

The repair was reinforced with transarticular Steinmann pins. 15 months after surgery, there is an inferior subdislocation present, with full reduction in active abduction. Patient is pain-free at rest, and pain grade 4 in VAS scale in activity with loading.

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