Ingested metallic foreign body impacted in the vermiform app
Ingestion of foreign bodies and their impaction at the lumen of the appendix is a very rare finding and only few cases have been reported all over the world. A variety of metallic foreign bodies when ingested may be lodged in the lumen of the appendix such as screws, bird shots, and needles. This is called in most literatures as foreign body appendicitis.

A 4-year-old boy with history of an accidental ingestion of a metallic nail presented to the emergency department one week later with right iliac fossa pain and one attack of vomiting. During abdominal examination there was tenderness and rebound tenderness at the right iliac fossa. Plain abdominal X-ray showed the metallic nail in the region of the right iliac fossa. Ultrasound examination was normal apart from tenderness of putting the probe on the right lilac fossa. The white blood cell counts were 14,000 cell per microliter.

During surgery the nail was found to be impacted inside the lumen of the vermiform appendix causing inflammation of the appendix. Appendectomy done and the patient discharged on the third day in a good general condition.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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