Instagram is the worst social media platform for your mental
For ardent Instagram users whose idea of relaxing and being at peace is double tapping pictures on Instagram might actually be subjecting themselves to the absolute worst thing for their state of mind.

According to research conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health and Young Health Movement, Instagram was labeled as the worst social media for mental health, followed by Snapchat. Different social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitter were surveyed by almost 1,500 teens living in the UK, aged between 14 to 24; on the basis of the impact on the quality of sleep, anxiety, depression, fear of missing out (FOMO), and body image. These social media platforms were thereafter ranked according to their positive and negative influence on mental health of young people.

It was observed that “Influencers” with their overtly photoshopped and edited images on Instagram created insecurity among women and young girls about their own body and users spent considerable amount of time on choosing the right filter and titles to gain maximum likes and comments.

On the positive note, YouTube was rated the most ‘positive’ social media for mental health, followed by Twitter in the second place.

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