Instagram's most-liked egg is actually a mental health adver
A lot of people would say - it is just a normal looking egg but for social media, it is the picture of the year with a hidden message.

The brown egg on a white background named 'Eugene', handled by world_record_egg; is the holder of the most liked online post on any media platform in the history with over 52 million people liking the picture posted in January 2019. 'Eugene' even holds the privilege of a Wikipedia page titled 'Instagram Egg' to her credits.

The egg finally cracked on Instagram, revealing a symbolic message of people suffering silently from mental issues globally.

A total of 6 pictures displaying the varying level of damage to the egg 'Eugene' begins from its status of the 'most liked picture' to 'cracking under pressure of social media' followed by 'talk to someone' headline.

The post link leads the followers onto a website featuring a list of countries and mental health services available to people in those countries. Mental Health America thanked the creators for such a thoughtful message behind an ordinary looking egg.

Chris Godfrey, advertising creative of the images, said: 'An egg has no gender, race or religion. An egg is an egg, it's universal.'

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