Insulin use in type II diabetic patients: a predictive of mo
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A retrospective case–control study included 696 patients in the study period with a median age of 57 years, interquartile range [IQR] 51–62, and median body mass index 29.9 (IQR: 26–34.7). The majority (476 [68%]) were males. They identified 227 cases (33%) and 469 controls (67%). More cases than controls were hypertensive (74% vs 67%, p=0.03), on ACE/ARB (50% vs 42%, p=0.05), and had a hemoglobin A1c>8.1 (71% vs 44%, p<0.001). More cases had AKI (52% vs 38%, p<0.001), however no significant differences were found in intubation rates (26% vs 24%, p=0.54), detection of pulmonary embolism (4% vs 6%, p=0.19) or death rate (15% vs 11%, p=0.22) comparing cases and controls. In a multivariate analysis, they found that home insulin use was independently associated with increased risk of death: HR: 1.92, 95% CI (1.13–3.23).