Intercondylar Notch Size and shape in patients with Cyclops
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This study was conducuted to determine whether the size and shape of the intercondylar notch are related to cyclops lesion formation following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction according to (MRI) findings. This study focused on the correlation between the anatomy of the intercondylar notch and the incidence of cyclops lesion.

125 patients were retrospectively evaluated. The notch width index (NWI) and notch shape index (NSI) were measured based on coronal and axial MRI sections in patients diagnosed with cyclops syndrome (n = 25), diagnosed with complete anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears (n = 50), and without cyclops lesions or ACL ruptures (n = 50).

--Imaging analysis results showed that the cyclops and ACL groups had lower mean NWI and NSI values than the control group.

--Significant between-group differences were found in NSI based on coronal cross-sections and in NWI and NSI based on axial sections.

Conclusively, the geometry of the intercondylar notch was found to be associated with the risk of cyclops lesion formation and ACL rupture.