Intercostal artery pseudoaneurysm in pulmonary TB: a rare ca
Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is one of the common causes of life-threatening hemoptysis, particularly in developing countries. Bronchial and pulmonary arteries are the major source of hemoptysis in pulmonary TB. Intercostal artery pseudoaneurysm as a cause of hemoptysis in pulmonary TB is extremely rare, with only a few reported cases.

Published in the journal Lung India, the authors describe a case of intercostal artery pseudoaneurysm in a patient of pulmonary TB, presenting as massive hemoptysis.

CT bronchial angiography (CTBA) revealed a contrast-filled outpouching in a left upper lobe cavity. Catheter angiography revealed a pseudoaneurysm arising from one of the left intercostal arteries, which was managed subsequently by endovascular embolization.

Major takeaway:-
- Pseudoaneurysm from visceral arteries is an extremely rare but important cause of massive hemoptysis in pulmonary TB, which if not managed promptly may prove fatal.

Read about the case in detail here:
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