Intracranial metastases from RCC presenting only with neurol
In this case report, published in the West African Journal of Radiology, the authors present a case where patient had bilateral choroid plexus metastases and clival lesion and retrospectively diagnosed with asymptomatic and incidentally detected renal cell carcinoma (RCC).

A 55-year old male presented to the neurology clinic with complaints of holocranial headache, diplopia of 2 months' duration and photophobia in the right eye for the past 1 month. Neurological examination revealed intact higher mental functions, impaired lateral gaze in the right eye suggestive of right fourth cranial nerve (CN) palsy, and ptosis (which suggests impaired third CN function). Visual acuity unaided was 6/12 in both eyes. No field defect was seen.

On the basis of clinical findings and examination, clinical suspicion of a skull base lesion was made and patient underwnt MRI brain to look for any lesion. MRI brain with contrast was done which revealed bilateral choroid plexus lesions appearing hypointense and hyperintense on T1 and T2 weighted images respectively.

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