Intrahepatic portal-venous shunts during PVE
Portal venous embolization (PVE) is a well-validated technique to promote contralateral liver lobe hypertrophy prior to hepatic resection.

Published in Radiology Case Reports, the authors present a case of a patient with Type IV cholangiocarcinoma undergoing PVE prior to hepatic surgical resection. However, intrahepatic portal-venous shunts were incidentally found during the procedure and were subsequently embolized using embolic coils and N-butyl cyanoacrylate.

While most patients with congenital portal-venous shunts remain asymptomatic, an unrecognized shunt during PVE could have resulted in a devastating complication secondary to nontarget embolization through the fistula.

Read about the case in detail here:
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