Intramuscular hemangioma of masseter muscle: a unique case
Even though hemangiomas are prevalent tumors in the region of head and neck, they are comparatively rare inside the mouth and less frequently detected by dental professionals.

Therefore, the aim of this case report is to present such a rare variation of hemangioma manifested within the substance of the masseter muscle.

Published in the J Oral Health Oral Epidemiol, the authors report a unique case of intramuscular hemangioma of masseter muscle in a 26-year-old woman complained of growth and swelling in the right cheek since 6-8 months before. The growth was surgical excised and diagnosed histopathologically as intramuscular mixed capillary with cavernous hemangioma.

Ley learnings:-
- Hemangiomas are rarely seen intramuscularly.

- This case presents an intramuscular hemangioma occurring within the masseter muscle.

- Early detection and management is required in order to avoid the potential complications associated with it.

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