Invasive Carcinoma in Accessory Axillary Breast Tissue: A Ca
Accessory or ectopic breast tissue is an aberration of normal breast development. It is known to be a rare entity present anywhere along the embryologic mammary streak or milk line but more common in axilla.

International Journal of Surgery case reports present a case of 36 year old female with accessory breast carcinoma who presented with a progressive lump in her left axilla for 1 year. On examination a 2 cm solitary mass was palpable in axilla. Ultrasound confirmed a 19 mm mass with no other lesion in breast and axilla. Core biopsy showed invasive ductal carcinoma. She was discussed in multidisciplinary board meeting and was offered upfront surgery with excision of accessory breast tissue and sentinel lymph node biopsy. Axillary lymph node dissection was omitted following ACOSG Z0011 criteria. She was offered adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation post operatively along with endocrine treatment as she was hormone receptor positive.

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