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In the absence of adequate information, the price of a commodity serves as an indicator of quality for the consumer. Information asymmetry is most acute in healthcare, with the added disadvantage that the providers of care have far greater access to, and understanding of the information.

#Remdesivir & Plasma therapy

~ Almost every channel is talking about the miraculous effects of the antiviral drug remdesivir, and that other “cure”, plasma therapy.
~ It is not uncommon to hear exaggerated assertions such as “three patients were cured with plasma therapy”.
~ Level-headed advisory from institutions like the ICMR, that plasma therapy is still an experimental treatment, are lost in the din.
~ So, it is very likely that people are, in general, convinced that the only two currently available treatments for COVID-19 are plasma therapy and remdesivir.


~ 2 weeks ago, UK released the results of their study of dexamethasone (an inexpensive, readily available medicine).
~ Working away from the limelight, these researchers pulled off the unprecedented feat of completing a rigorously done clinical trial within 100 days of conceiving it.
~ The story was reported for a couple of days and then promptly went back to talking about plasma therapy, remdesivir and another as yet unproven drug, favipiravir.

But the results of this study deserve prominence for at least two reasons:

1. This is the first study to show an unequivocal, and large benefit in sick patients with COVID-19, on the outcomes that matter most — the risk of death and the risk of needing ventilator support.

2. Dexamethasone is cheap and readily available, with several “branded generics” available in the Indian market.

The message should be loud and clear, that for once, the inexpensive option is by far, the better option.

Note: This article first appeared in the print edition on July 10, 2020 under the title ‘The remdesivir effect’. The writer is a professor of cardiology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. The views expressed are personal to writer & PlexusMD does not necessarily subscribe to it.

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-remdesivir-6498388/
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With all due respect to the man of calibre, if the evidence is so overwhelming, one is hopeful that AIIMS Delhi will issue guidelines soon, and with all due respect again, we will all be happy to listen on the used of dexamethasone in Covid therapy from a specialist from a slightly more relevant field, for example, infectious disease specialist. Of course,we welcome the words of such a senior specialist from AIIMS delhi,and we thank him for his views.... Read more
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