Is a Single Dose of HPV Vaccine Enough?
A single dose of HPV vaccine provides similar protection against persistent infection from HPV 16 and HPV 18, the genotypes responsible for nearly 70% of cervical cancers, compared with that provided by two or three doses. Vaccine efficacy against persistent HPV 16 and 18 infection among participants evaluable for the endpoint was 95.4% (95% CI, 85.0 - 99.9) in the single-dose default cohort (2135 women assessed), 93.1% (95% CI, 77.3 - 99.8) in the two-dose cohort (1452 women assessed), and 93.3% (95% CI, 77.5 - 99.7) in three-dose recipients (1460 women assessed). A single-dose HPV vaccine delivers solid protection against HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer, that is comparable to 2-dose schedules.