Is coronoidectomy superior to coronoidotomy for improving ma
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In the management protocol of the oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF), multiple studies have advocated that an additional step of coronoidectomy or coronoidotomy helps achieve better; and consistent postoperative results. But there are no studies that validate if one has an; advantage over the other. This study aimed to compare the outcome of the coronoidectomy with coronoidotomy for OSMF cases.

A randomized controlled trial was designed in patients with OSMF requiring operative intervention. Patients were randomized into two groups based on a computer-generated randomization table. Group I coronoidectomy and Group II coronoidotomy.The primary predictor variable was two different adjunct surgical steps – coronoidectomy and coronoidotomy The primary outcome variable was the postoperative MIO. Secondary outcome variables were duration of surgery and blood loss.

The study sample was composed of 32 patients ( 16 each group ). Both the groups were comparable in terms of demographic profile. The MIO after surgery was comparable throughout the study between the groups. Repeated measures ANOVA for comparison of mouth opening within-the group showed that there was a significant improvement in postoperative MIO in both the groups. A statistically significant difference was found in the duration of the surgery and blood loss with the shorter time and lesser blood loss in coronoidotomy compared to coronoidectomy. All these cases were followed up for 1 year.

Coronoidotomy as an adjunctive treatment in OSMF provides comparable treatment outcomes in terms of MIO compared to coronoidectomy with the added advantage of shorter operating time and lesser blood loss.