"Is it a crime to do asymptomatic testing?": Biocon chief
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Biotechnology industry veteran Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw on Friday criticized the Indian Council of Medical Research for "not permitting" asymptomatic testing in large numbers, asserting that individuals have a right to know whether they are positive or negative for COVID-19.

The Executive Chairperson of Bengaluru-headquartered biotech major, Biocon Ltd, said her concern is ICMR is not permitting asymptomatic testing in large numbers.

"...some of them might be positive, some of them might be carriers, some of them might be supercarriers. How do I know? Why are they (ICMR) preventing us from testing? I don't understand. Everywhere in the world, they are allowing testing," Mazumdar-Shaw told PTI.

"Governments are acting as if its a crime to test. They are almost making it like that. Is it a crime to test? It's not because, as an individual, I would like to know whether I am positive or negative even if I am asymptomatic."

On the one hand, the government did not mind allowing people who fly to be tested, but was not permitting people coming to work to undergo the examination, she said.

Mazumdar-Shaw also suggested triaging COVID-19 cases into mild, moderate, and severe and manage hospital beds properly.

She also stressed the need for testing people based on their risk profile.

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Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/is-it-a-crime-to-do-asymptomatic-testing-biocon-chief-expresses-anguish/76645651
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I would suggest rather otherwise..... because increased testing will result in climbing of the no. of cases rapidly.....Our media in order to gain trp is just boosting the scare of more no. of cases and so already there is an unnecessary amount of fright among people. This is severely hampering the economic aspect which needs our prime attention now. The excessive scare which media has spread is not letting people go to their works. And instead of demanding for increased tests demand for proper protection and spread awareness about proper hygiene because being an asymptomatic carrier wont affect you much so rather than getting tested and boosting the panic, its better that people take proper protective measures. This is so because even if u are a Carrier still if you take proper precautions you reduce your droplet spread and if all peoplemaintain strict hand and face hygiene, even if they come in contact with a carrier they wont contract the infection. ... Read more
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