Is radiotherapy the future of cancer treatment?
Despite its many salient features, radiotherapy invokes fear in a lot of patients mainly due to the stigma surrounding its workings. But advancements in the field offer a lot of promises in the treatment’s efficiency and its ability to mitigate post-therapeutic side effects in patients. In this exclusive interview with leading doctor of radiotherapy and oncologist Prof. Y Indibor Singh from the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal talks about whether radiotherapy is touted to be the future of cancer care in India.

"We are now living in an era of personalised treatment of cancer, be it chemotherapy, biotherapy or radiotherapy. Personalised radiotherapy or smart radiotherapy is new but upcoming. Once we learn about radiobiology, and prognostic biomarkers of radiosensitivity and radio responsiveness in patients, we will be able to understand which patient will be able to benefit from which therapy. The radioisotopes will be able to search the cancer cells selectively and kill them. For example, Samarium-152, a radioisotope can find cancer cells in bone metastasis and selectively knock them out. Similarly, iodine-131 selectively kills thyroid cancer cells. ", he said.