Is the bridge course for dentists meant to boost public heal
Niti Aayog along with the health ministry is examining a proposal to create a cadre of mid-level health providers by allowing dentists to practice “family medicine/mainstream medicine” after doing a bridge course. Is it meant to boost public health by providing mid-level health providers? Or is it an attempt to protect the interests of private dental college managements? Express your views below!
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Dr. V●●●n R●●●y
Dr. V●●●n R●●●y Anaesthesiology
Absolutely nonsense and non practical
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Y●g M●●●●y
Y●g M●●●●y Dentistry
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Dr. H●●●l N●●●●●●●i
Dr. H●●●l N●●●●●●●i Dentistry
Yes,bridge course is a right step because we dentist are made to study general medicine ,pharma ,anat etc .why medical officers don’t go and serve in rural areas?
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