Isolated Penile Fournier’s Gangrene: a case report and liter
Fournier’s gangrene (FG) is uncommon, necrotizing fasciitis that involves the genital, perineal, and perianal regions, commonly affect men but can occur in women. FG was first described in 1883 by JA Fournier, a French venereologist who described 5cases of penis and scrotum gangrene without an obvious cause.

A 58 years old male patient, with poorly controlled diabetes mellitus type 2 presented to the outpatient clinic for 4 days history of redness, blackish discoloration of the penis, painful swelling of penile shaft associated with high grade fever of 40 °C and purulent discharge from the penis. The patient denied any recent sexually transmitted disease, genitourinary trauma, urethral instrumentation.

On admission, his temperature was 40 °C and the vital signs were stable. Physical examination revealed penile edema, severe tenderness of the penile shaft with no skin breaks, normal glans, blackish discoloration of the penis. The testicular, digital rectal examinations were normal. No dysuria or frequency or hematuria. He also reported chills and nausea.

Isolated FG of the penis is uncommon due the highly vascular nature of the penis. There are only a few single case reports of isolated penile Fournier’s gangrene in the literature.

Source: International journal of surgery case reports

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