Isolated intramaxillary sinus cell causing long-standing fac
Sinus pneumatization by definition is a cystic enlargement within the paranasal sinuses, and that expansion causes clinical symptoms. This case highlights the importance of identifying clinically significant sinus pneumatization and the significant role of surgical treatment.

This case report describes a clinical presentation of intramaxillary sinus cells affecting the patient's quality of life. Despite the rare location of the cyst, it was diagnosed by computed tomography and managed by Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS).

The case demonstrates the importance of managing the underlying cause of the patient's symptoms by a thorough history and physical examination and it can be confirmed by imaging. Symptomatic maxillary air cysts, albeit controversial in its nomenclature and mechanism, should be addressed surgically as it carries high levels of success.

International Journal of Surgery Case Reports