Israel shares AI based technology with AIIMS to tackle Covid
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Israel on 11 Aug contributed state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) based technologies and equipment to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi with the aim to assist in India’s Covid-19 containment efforts and also enhance country’s overall healthcare facilities, according to a statement attributed to the Israeli embassy.

“The technologies include contactless monitoring applications, advanced medical management systems, and AI-based solutions such as AI assistant robots that can help medical teams perform various tasks remotely,” a statement released on Israeli embassy’s behalf said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has regularly touched base with his Israeli counterpart since the outbreak of the pandemic, exploring areas of cooperation for the containment of the disease.

Following the agreement on collaboration between the two leaders, Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs located the most advanced medical equipment that has been developed in Israel using cutting edge technologies to fight Covid-19, the statement says.

The most “useful products” were collected in coordination with AIIMS and some other equipment was contributed and some purchased with special funds allocated by the Israeli government.

“We are pleased to share the best medical technology solutions from Israel with the most premier medical institute of India. We are confident that these technologies will further bolster their capabilities to tackle Covid-19.” said Dr Ron Malka, Israeli ambassador to India.

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