It is unacceptable that an estimated 1.5 million children di
Snehasri Mundrathi
It is unacceptable that an estimated 1.5 million children die each year from preventable diseases
I can still remember taking my kids to their pediatrician for their first shots. As a new mom, I was eager to protect them and a bit concerned about how they would react to their visit to the doctor. It’s an experience I remember vividly every year during World Immunization Week. Parents want the best for their children and making sure they are immunized is one of the simplest and most important actions they can take. However, in the developing world, there are challenges. In countries with little health infrastructure, parents confront a terrifying reality that I can’t imagine as an American mother — diseases such as measles, tetanus and pneumonia that can kill children or disable them for a lifetime. And, all too often, that’s just what happens. Worldwide, an estimated 1.5 million children die every year from a disease we could have easily prevented with a low-cost vaccination that takes seconds to administer.
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